Introducing FileHold 12! My FileHold Calendar

We are getting very excited about the new features in the FileHold 12 document management software release coming this fall! We will be introducing the new features over the coming weeks. The first feature we will be showcasing is the new Calendar.

Keeping organized is the one thing we all need to do. With all of our tight schedules, keeping up with our workload using a calendar makes life easier. With a calendar, you can differentiate your daily tasks and become more proficient at accomplishing your document management goals.

The new Calendar is shown in the My FileHold area of the Library tree in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA). The Calendar can be viewed by the Month, Week, Day, or today (current date). You can also scroll through the months, weeks, days, and years using the scroll arrows. Click Today to bring you back to the current date (today’s date).

The calendar displays the following:

  • Active, overdue, and completed workflow tasks.

  • Past, current, and future reminders.

  • Scheduled events can be shown for Library Administrators and System Administrators. Events are for when documents are set to be archived, converted to a record, or disposed.

Document management event calendar

You can click on a day in the Month or Week view to see the details for the day. You can also click on a task or a reminder in the Day view to open the document in the My Tasks view (for tasks) or in the Folder view (for reminders).

As a side note, another new feature in FileHold 12 is being able to set the default screen at start up to the Calendar. This way you can start your workday with FileHold document management software by seeing what your tasks are for the day.

We are hoping that this new Calendar feature will help keep everyone organized when it comes to their workflow tasks, reminders, and scheduled events and love this new feature as much as we do!

If you would like to learn more about purchasing FileHold 12, please contact [email protected].