Image Advantage – The company who “looked up”

A favourite sales story of mine is about a company who sold shop floor manufacturing equipment (lathes, saws etc.). The company wanted to grow its sales so it added a line of industrial ceiling lights to its product line. The idea was that the sales team, while doing sales work on the shop floor would also sell the line of lights.

Six months went by and the industrial lights were not being sold, sales of the shop floor equipment remained the same. The company owner went to the sales manager and asked why the sales team was not selling the lights. The answer from the sales manager was, “I cannot get them to look up.”

In my experience getting sales people to “look up” is very difficult, when I was with Xerox and the facsimile machine was introduced (revealing how old I am) we needed to sell one fax machine per year to qualify for Presidents club. Our main focus was selling copiers and we could not adopt to thinking / selling the fax machines. Usually in December it would occur to us that we needed one fax sale to make Presidents club so we would go out and sell one but for the rest of the year we would not “look up”.

It also seems to be difficult to get companies to “look up”. At FileHold I constantly wonder why companies we meet who are in the business of scanning and digitizing documents are not good prospects to add our document management software to their product line. It seems to me that when they get a contract to digitize millions of documents the obvious question is, “What do you plan to do with all of these electronic documents once the scanning is done?” The answer may well be; “We don’t know” or they will just go on a CD or be added to some file share storage. These are good answers if the documents are not important or very rarely need to be recovered. The answer is not good if the documents are still active, might need to be changed, version controlled, shared, kept secure or even scheduled for eventual disposition. In these cases, a good solution would be to store the documents in FileHold document management software. In order to add a software product to the document scanning and digitization business, it requires company management to “look up”.

This article is about a FileHold Business Partner who did “look up”. Image Advantage Solutions Inc., in Ontario, Canada, has been in business since 1998 and provides a wide range of document management services and projects for over 70 Municipalities and other government and industry clients. Marc Didemus, former owner of Image Advantage, decided to take the company from being a scanning / imaging / digitization bureau into a full-service system integration and consulting company. In 2012, the company decided to sell FileHold as their exclusive document management and records management software offering. Image Advantage developed an extensive knowledge regarding file classification and Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) and has successfully completed over 28 installations of FileHold software. Image Advantage has invested in understanding Government mandated file classification and provides a pre-developed filing structure that allows organizations to be in compliance with records management standards.

Every FileHold installation includes licensing revenue, consulting services and an ongoing support program called FileCare. Some installs even include additional scanning and digitation services benefiting the original business. Image Advantage won the FileHold Partner of the Year award in both 2012 and 2014 and is the only FileHold partner to win this award twice.

Marc Didemus from Image Advantage said; “We chose to sell FileHold exclusively because of its advanced capabilities and functionalities but at the same time FileHold is still very affordable and user friendly. The FileHold technical team provides outstanding support to us and we even get to contribute to the product roadmap. We have recently helped design an “Agenda builder” add-on that some of our municipal customers have requested.”

In 2012, when Image Advantage became a FileHold reseller, 100% of the company’s revenue was generated from scanning services and related projects. From 2012 to 2017 the scanning sales have increased annually, and the company’s revenue breakdown is approximately 60% scanning and 40% FileHold related income, software, and consulting. Image Advantage’s total revenue has been growing largely because of the ability to generate sales from two directions, scanning and / or document management software, and both compliment each other perfectly. Being able to generate leads and sales from two angles has allowed Image Advantage to grow significantly over the past 5 years.

Image Advantage feels their revenue will continue to shift more towards FileHold and related consulting services from document scanning as clients’ business needs continue to change. Image Advantage has always felt it is vital to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to prospects changing requirements, one of the main reasons for becoming a FileHold reseller. The business relationship has included open communication and tremendous support going both ways that has made Image Advantage successful in several competitive situations and has proven that FileHold was the right choice. Current Image Advantage President, Chad Haffie, stated, “Looking up to include FileHold has proved to be one of the most impactful business decisions Image Advantage has made.”

FileHold congratulates Image Advantage on this great success — a company who “looked up”.

Larry Oliver

Larry Oliver is the founder and President of FileHold software. He can be contacted at [email protected].