FileHold Workflow and Courier: The easy and secure way to share your documents electronically

So, your company has finally purchased a document manage software system. That’s great news!

All of the documents in your office are now scanned or uploaded and stored electronically in a secure and centralized location. You can now quickly search and locate any type of document by date, name, ID number, etc. without ever having to get up from your desk. No one in your office is confused anymore about who is working on the latest version of a document because FileHold’s version control feature ensures everyone knows where a specific document is located and what is the most recent version. Filing away paper forms in cabinet drawers is now a redundant task as you can now create e-forms that can be filled out electronically and uploaded back into the document repository for safe keeping. You can also quickly develop standard or customizable reports to track the status of various activities. For example, how many unpaid or paid invoices are there for May 2019?

But, what about documents that need to be circulated around the office for review and approval such as contracts, purchase orders or expense reports? FileHold’s workflow feature can accomplish all of these office tasks for you electronically. Workflows can streamline and automate business processes and eliminate slow and outdated paper-based processes in your office. By clearly mapping out your workflow, everyone in your office is updated on what tasks must be carried out, who will be completing each required task, and when the job task must be completed. You can also receive notifications and alerts regarding any changes or updates that may occur during this process. By automating workflows, you can also eliminate the possibility of human errors from occurring and ensuring everything is completed to industry standards.

Workflow documents can be easily created in FileHold by anyone in your office as explained in the following video.

FileHold Workflow Video

Now that the document has been viewed and signed off, you can now use FileHold’s Courier feature to share contracts, tenders or other confidential information via email to customers, contractors or associates. But, what about security? FileHold Courier is a secure proof of delivery service that allows you to track if a document was accessed or opened by the recipient. With Courier, you even have the ability to set the emailed document to be deleted after it was viewed or not viewed by the recipient.

FileHold Courier Video

FileHold’s Workflow and Courier features can be used together or separately to help you share your documents electronically and eliminate slow and inefficient paper processes in your office. So, take your DMS to the next level and add FileHold’s Workflow and Courier to improve work efficiency in your office.

David Knight is a FileHold Sales Consultant. He can be contacted at [email protected].