FileHold DMS Featured in

FileHold document management software is featured as a "Tools of the Trade" blog post on gantthead .com.

The blog post talks about how FileHold is a real document and record lifecycle management software solution that can save organizations time and a lot of money. An excerpt from the blog post states:

"I’ve led $30 million dollar government programs where access to documents we’ve processed was critical both during the contract and at program retirement time, but it was often a very painful process to locate documents.  And the government would pay our organization more than $100,000 to archive these key documents to federal records storage facilities at contract closure time and to  setup systems that they could use later on to locate specific archived documents should a need arise.  $100,000. As taxpayers, that’s your money and mine."

"And, I’ve discussed my federal project dilemma mentioned above with the president of FileHold and their product could indeed have provided us with a configurable system for archival and retrieval at a fraction of the cost of what the government spent. Hindsight is 20-20."

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