FileHold 14.2 Viewer Enhancements

Some great new changes have been made to the viewer functionality in the FileHold Desktop Application. You can now change the library tree and the metadata pane so that they are in full or partial mode. This allows you to see more or less information when viewing your documents.

When the viewer is open, the Full and Partial buttons appear. Using Full mode for the metadata pane is useful when looking at a document and entering metadata at the same time.

FDA viewer full and partial mode

For the PDF/Image viewer, the orientation of the thumbnail pane can be adjusted to be located at the bottom, top, right or left side of the screen. This is set in the new Viewer tab in the User Preferences. In the above image, you can see that the orientation has been set to the right.

User preferences -Viewer tab

Also for the PDF/Image viewer, you can now append TIFF and PDF to existing documents. This includes dragging and dropping pages between documents (ensure the Viewer option Open Documents in the Document Viewer using separate tabs is enabled to do this) . This feature has been requested by several of our customers and we are now happy we can give that to them. Watch a short video below on the new functionality.

Other enhancements for the PDF/Image viewer also include:

  • Thumbnail images are now displayed for one page documents.
  • Thumbnail pane can be shown or hidden.
  • Pages can be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise
  • The display can be set to a fixed zoom level - 100%, 125%, 150%, page width, and so on. This allows you to have the documents open at the same zoom level for every document that is opened.

For both the Brava viewer and the PDF/Image viewer, the context label menus have been changed to: Open in Brava Viewer and Open in PDF/Image Viewer

Learn more about the Brava Viewer or the PDF/Image viewer! If you would like to purchase a viewer, contact [email protected].