Exporting and Importing Documents in FileHold 12

In FileHold 12, you can export all documents from a cabinet, drawer, folder groups, or folders using the Export option. You can also export one or more documents from within a folder. Once the Export command is selected, you can select where you want to export the documents on your local machine or network.

Exporting documents

When documents are exported, they are exported with a XML file and a "Documents" folder containing all of the exported documents in their native format. The XML file stores the metadata and location of all the selected documents in a FileHold compatible format. This allows for the importation of the documents back into the document management system using the Manage Imports Tool. For example, if you are exporting documents out of a demo system and importing them into a production system.

Exporting can be done by users with a Document Publisher role or higher if they have access to them.

Importing Exported Documents

When documents have been exported from the document management system using the Export function mentioned above or using the FileHold Instrumentation Tool, you can import them back into FileHold using the Manage Imports Tool in the FileHold Desktop Application.

A checkbox labeled ‘Import files which were formerly exported from a FileHold system’ was added to the Manage Imports >  Field Mapping tab. When selected, this allows for importing FileHold compatible XML files and documents back into the document management system along with their metadata and library location. During the import, the document schema is automatically selected for each document based on the XML file and all metadata fields are automatically mapped based on their name. Prior to importing the documents, the schemas and metadata fields need to exist in the system that you are importing into in order to capture the correct schemas and metadata fields.

When the FileHold compatible format is selected for the document import, it is not possible to select a fixed destination or an auto-filing script. Instead the destination location will be determined for each document based on the library path field in the XML file. All cabinets, drawers and folders must exist in the library before importing the documents; the Manage Imports tool does not create the library structure.

TIP: Use the FileHold Instrumentation Tools > FileHold Library Setup to export and import out your library structure and schemas/metadata fields between systems.

Manage imports dyanmic import format

You can enable the ‘auto-send’ feature for document imports using the FileHold compatible format so all documents are automatically sent to the library without using the Inbox; however, you can still send the documents to the Inbox in order to review the metadata.

NOTE: Only the actual files, their metadata and library location will be preserved for the imports and exports. Document information such as the owner, creation date, and version history will not be preserved during the export and import process.

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