Expanded FileCare support hours

I am excited to announce that FileHold Systems has expanded our technical support team into the Central European time zone. All of our existing FileCare customers with standard or extended support agreements will immediately have access to the FileHold support team during our new regular support hours from 12 am till 4 pm pacific time Monday through Friday. Or for those with extended coverage, during their extended times.

We have long had a technical center of excellence in Europe and this change expands upon that team with front line technical staff who can answer customer questions, solve issues, and perform new installations and upgrades. We started developing this team last summer putting in place the necessary systems and training and piloted these services with select customers in November 2016. With a successful pilot completed, we are now ready to offer these services to everyone.

This is great news for our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the eastern time zone as they now have access to support coverage during much or all of their normal day times. Our Asia Pacific customers will also now have coverage in their afternoon.

As Larry Oliver, President of FileHold likes to say, “We have customers in all over the world in all possible time zones and even though these customers rarely need our assistance it is nice to be able to support to them during their operating hours. FileHold software is robust and most requests to support are simply questions about product capabilities or issues related to the hardware and software infrastructure the software has been installed on. FileHold software is Enterprise-grade, feature-rich, and affordable. FileHold is sold to companies of all sizes, but best suited to larger organizations who have complex document workflow and review requirements.”

Russ Beinder

Russ Beinder is the Chief Technology Officer at FileHold. He is an entrepreneur, a seasoned business analyst, computer technologist and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). For over 35 years he has used computer technology to help organizations solve business problems.