The easy switch-over – 5 ways FileHold helps digital document adoption

A quick list of how FileHold can help adapt to a world of electronic documents when you have a team that’s onboard.

Great organizations have a team of colleagues that are all looking for ways to do things better, to help each other, and realize that individual success means everyone succeeds. In these offices, the move from paper to a document management software is embraced as a positive change. Here are five ways FileHold can work with any modern office to bring the paperless world into reality.

1. FileHold thinks a simpler environment is better.

When you open FileHold for the first time, what’s striking is what’s not there. The application is clean, with open space to help you keep documents clear and easy to use. All the functionality – from the simplest edit to the most complex workflow – are a simple right click away. The workspace is not confusing, and requires the barest of training for users to get up and running – and keep your team working!

2. FileHold helps your organization find the right structure for your documents.

When you join up with FileHold, we offer professional services advice on best practices for how to set-up your Library. With over twelve years experience and thousands of installs, FileHold can work with your team to craft the right structure to make sure its optimized for your industry and your way of working – and that helps those documents get used.

3. FileHold gives great training and reference tools.

Part of your FileHold implementation package will include training hours with our team. These interactive online sessions can be with your entire team, or in a “train-the-trainer” style with team leaders. Keep the recordings when finished for future reference. If you need more help, the fully indexed and searchable Knowledge Base is available and ready to answer questions for your team. Not only is FileHold easy to learn, it provides the tools to help everyone use the system.

4. FileHold helps you find what you need quickly.

When FileHold adds your documents to the Library, it indexes them in two ways: first, it adds the complete text to the database to make key word, phrase, or partial phrase searches rapid and accurate; second, it will tag each document with user-defined critical information. This can be used to filter and refine search results. Search for documents added by a user between two dates containing the word “apple”, and FileHold will bring those results forward. Even the most stubborn of users will see how easy it is to find what they need.

5. FileHold automates work processes.

FileHold offers a wide variety of automated process for your documents. You can create watched folders that will automatically import your documents to a specific Library location, with its document type and metadata completed. E-forms will add their information and document type to the Library, and auto-file themselves. Bring documents into the Library direct from MS Office applications, or by printing directly into FileHold. Less steps means more efficient use of your team’s time.

But what happens when you have staff who are not team players, and who make adopting new procedures a painful process? Don’t worry – FileHold has ways to get them onboard too! Check back for the next installment: The Tough Switch-Over!

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Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].