Document Workflow Saves Time and Money

Is your company wasting valuable time and money having to manually send paperwork back and forth to various departments or other office locations to modify, review, and approve important documents? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to accomplish all of these tasks in a paperless work environment?

FileHold Document Workflow Software can make this dream into a reality. With the Workflow software, any authorized user such as an accountant, HR Manager, or engineer can quickly and easily create a workflow process that can be electronically routed to various departments or branch offices for review, modification and approval.

For example, engineering firms utilize CAD drawings for various projects. With the FileHold Workflow Software, a CAD drawing that is stored securely in the FileHold central repository can be electronically distributed to engineers, managers, and other employees within an organization for review, editing and approval. Also, FileHold contains Document Viewers that allow employees that don’t have AutoCAD software installed on their system to still view and make mark-ups on CAD drawings.

The optional Document Workflow Software helps bring order to your office work place and ensures that documents such as reports, invoices and projects are reviewed and completed on time and adhered to according to company specifications. The FileHold Workflow engine is designed specifically to streamline the review and approval of files as they proceed through their lifecycle in the document management system. It is during this collaborative stage of the workflow process that both cost and time savings are realized.

Workflow templates are created by an authorized user within a company referred to as a Library Administrator. Once a workflow is initiated by a user, it triggers the first activity in the workflow process. Those groups and individuals that are included in the workflow process are alerted by email, in the My Tasks view, and through the FileHold Calendar feature. Those individuals that are directly involved in the workflow process are referred to as participants. The participants have the ability to review and approve a document. There are also individuals that are not directly involved in the workflow process referred to as observers. The observers can observe the activity occurring within a workflow through the Workflow Status Report view.

Once all participants in the activity have completed their task, the next activity begins. On completion of the final activity, the workflow is officially completed. The time frame for workflow initiation to completion can vary from minutes to hours to months to years depending on the process being managed.

The Library Administrator can oversee all of the workflows occurring in the system. The Library Administrator Workflow Status Report contains search capabilities for workflows and numerous other actions such as cancelling, copying, and clearing completed and cancelled workflows as well as overriding activities and delegating tasks.

In conclusion, the FileHold Document Management Workflow software is easy, efficient, and cost effective for any type of business work place.

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