Document Workflow Enhancements in FileHold 12

Several enhancements have been made to the document workflow software functionality in FileHold 12.

Library Administrator Workflow Status Report

The Library Administrator's Document Workflow Status report is now accessible in the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA); it is still accessible in the Web Client.

It is possible to search by additional workflow statuses. The workflow search status can equal: In progress, Completed, Cancelled, Not Approved, Approved, and Pending Approval.

Once the report has been run, the results can be printed or exported to CSV or HTML format.

Greater Number of Activities and Users in Tasks

The number of document workflow activities has been increased from 10 to 20 activities. The number of participants in an activity has been increased from 10 to 50 users participating in the activity.

This allows for greater flexibility in the document workflow templates. For example, if there is a marketing document that needs to be reviewed or approved by 15 users on the team, you could design your template to have either 15 review and approval activities (one for each user) or one approval activity that includes all 15 members of the marketing team. Another example would be that you could create very complex workflows that involve 15 activities with 20 or more users per activity!

Editing Metadata During a Document Workflow

Metadata can now be edited for a document that under a workflow process. In order to use this feature, it needs to be enabled by a System Administrator.

If this setting is enabled, any user that has access to the document undergoing a workflow can edit the metadata. If you do not want users outside of the workflow editing metadata on the document, select the "Hide all versions of the document" check box in the workflow template until the document has been approved in the workflow process.

Automatically Initiating a Document Workflow

Workflows for a specific document schema and workflow template can be automatically initiated using a server plug-in that is enabled with the license. This is an optional feature that is purchased separately.

After the plug-in is enabled in the document management software license, the plug-in is added to the server. A web configuration file is then modified with the document schema name and workflow template name. Once configured on the server side, the document workflow will be automatically initiated when a new document is added to the document management system using the configured schema name. The workflow uses the default values from the workflow template when it is automatically initiated.

NOTE: The workflow will not be automatically re-initiated if a new version of the document is checked in or if the metadata has been edited. The workflow will need to be initiated manually.

For more information on FileHold 12, read the blog or contact [email protected].