DMS and Mail Room Workflow Automation

Document Management Software in the Mailroom

No longer is an organization’s “Mailroom” a physical place, but a workplace function, as “mail” can be:

  • Faxes
  • Email
  • (good old fashioned) “Snail Mail”

FileHold document management software with its powerful business tools allows organizations to automate the classification, transformation (via integrated scanning and OCR tools), routing and filing (via Scripting and AutoFiling Tools) of daily incoming mail. This is a big first step in theautomation of workflow and the realization of the paperless office.

Achieve higher ROI when your flow of work is:

  • Faster,
  • Errors are reduced or eliminated,
  • Classification of mail adheres to retention and security policies as it enters your corporate Document System.

If you have multiple Full-time Employees in your Mailroom(s) you should investigate a paperless office scanning systems to manage your incoming mail. To learn more about document scanning visit: /features/scanning-imaging .

Processing and placing your incoming MAIL into document Workflow creates tracking and auditing of sensitive documents. Gone are the days of hand stamping “Received” mail, your FileHold Mailroom Manager handles all that in an automated process, along with Faxes and Email.

The Mailroom flow of work can be integrated across your enterprise so knowledge workers can be informed of new MAIL or outstanding tasks via Microsoft Office products including – Outlook. They can file their own mail via their most common workplace applications like Microsoft Word , Excel, SharePoint, and the ubiquitous Web Browser, reducing training to almost nothing!

Today’s single CENTRALIZED Mailroom can distribute all your MAIL for your entire organization regardless if your offices are across the street or across the Globe.

FileHold Product Specialists conduct Demonstrations on these and other powerful FileHold business process on a regular basis. To register for a webinar on document management software visit: /resources/public-webinar-registration .
To talk with a sales consultant about your mailroom workflow contact [email protected].