Creating database lookups from Oracle

Integrating FileHold with a database is a great way to take advantage of single-sourcing database information with the document management software. For example, a customer is using Microsoft CRM and needs their users to associate a client with documents that are added to the library. The list of clients can be displayed as a drop-down menu that is dynamically populated from a central list of customers taken from an existing CRM system.

FileHold can pull data from various database sources in a variety of ways:

The sources can come from a variety of places such as ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel or even a plain text file!

We've recently had a customer who provided us a sample configuration for integration with Oracle and wanted to share it with any of our customers who may also be setting this up for their own Oracle integration with the FileHold document management system.

Sample Connection string:

Data Source=Database_Name;User Id=USERNAME;Password=PASSWORD;Integrated Security=no;

Sample Query:

select cust_name from m_cust_h where comp_code = 'W1'

Have you set up special connection string or write a custom query for database lookups in FileHold? If so, let us know. We love to hear your solutions!