Considerations in Implementing Document Management Software Part 2

Once the basic installation / implementation is done, or in some cases as a part of the basic implementation, an organization may want to begin the process of converting paper based records into electronic ones (scanning and imaging) or there may be huge numbers of electronic documents already in place on file shares or even on individual desktops, laptops and hard drives that need to be migrated into the new FileHold repository. This blog article gives some guidance on how to approach these more complex activities.

  • Document scanning and imaging: A customer should maintain flexibility and options in this regard. For scanning solutions that will be in-house, FileHold will work with any document scanning software that the customer may already own or wants to purchase. In addition to supporting network scanners via our “watched folders” tool, FileHold provides a single license of SmartSoft Capture that is designed for low volume scanning stations with every purchase of FileHold software. In addition, FileHold can work with any off-the-shelf high volume scanning software such as Kodak Capture Pro or ABBYY FlexiCapture.

    FileHold does not directly provide scanning services if they may be required. FileHold has extensive experience working with many such service providers with their scanning services and we are happy to make recommendations.
  • Options for document migrations. There may be a massive number of documents already in electronic form in an existing DMS implementation, a failed SharePoint implementation, on hard drives, legacy applications or file shares. Generally we recommend three phases to a large document migration. The first is to prepare a report detailing what the destination configuration will be in FileHold, the source data location and volume, and the mapping between the two. The second is to configure FileHold, build any needed tools, and train the users on FileHold. The last is to actually move the documents from the current DMS. FileHold has a well-developed, understandable, industry standard import methodologies that can ensure both the document and any associated metadata can be imported and structured with minimum of human intervention.

Once the implementation, training and migration of documents is finished you will want to ensure the software operates reliably and is fully supported. The FileHold FileCare annual support program provides excellent post-sale technical support that ensures the document management software stays current in a changing IT world. Customers on FileCare receive hot fixes, service packs, dot releases or major releases at no charge.

For more information on the FileHold Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the FileCare program, please review the full documentation.

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Kevin Chang

Kevin Chang serves as Sales Consultant/Partner Program Manager at FileHold. Contact him at [email protected].