Business problem solved – Print to FileHold

Send documents from other programs right into FileHold by a click of the Print button.

The Pain

Your organization has decided to move to a paperless office. Now you are sending invoices electronically but you need to keep a historic record of each one. You end up printing each invoice, and then scanning them back to create the electronic record which is both time-consuming and the opposite of the paperless office.

The Solution – Print-to-FileHold

Many applications produce documents intended to only exist in their own environment and not integrate with others. These can be added directly into FileHold too – so long as they have a print function. Print to FileHold is an automated way to get documents into the FileHold library from any third party application that supports the ability to print a document. It works in conjunction with the FileHold Desktop Application.

Use existing applications

Print-to-FileHold integrates with your system and becomes another printer option to be selected in the application. By selecting “Send to FileHold”, the document image is sent as a PDF into the FileHold Library. There’s no additional applications or extensions needed. Print-to-FileHold uses the existing Print functionality to create your new document.

Powerful organization

Print-To-FileHold allows you set the destination through a FileHold Office Client (FOC) window. FileHold’s system of Cabinets, Drawers, and Folders are shown so you can place the right document in the right location. High volumes of documents can even be sent via the Auto-Filing feature to the right location every time.

Critical Information Tags

Along with determining where the document will reside, FileHold lets you determine how the document will be classified (defining the document schema) and what information tags need to be added to the document (metadata). This is done from the same dialog as the Library location, so in one screen you’ve determined what the document will be used for, which critical information needs to be at the forefront, and where it resides. The document is then added to the Library, ready for use by others in your organization immediately.

Automate with Auto-Tagging

Auto-tagging is a standard feature with FileHold, and it can be used with Print-to-FileHold too. Once configured, the auto-tagging script will allow the document schema and metadata fields to automatically populate in the chosen location – increasing data entry efficiency.

Problem Solved

With Print-to-FileHold, you can send documents right into your Library right from your application. Now, you can do your archiving at the same time in the same program you’ve been using, and have your records up-to-date and ready for use in the FileHold Library. Convenient, easy-to-use, and effective – just like all the features in FileHold. One step closer to the true paperless office.

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Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].