Business problem solved – Mobile FileHold Document Management

How Mobile FileHold can keep you connected to your organization’s processes.

The Pain 

You are a sales manager going to a trade show overseas. While sitting in the airport lounge, you only have your smartphone for checking emails. The good news is that your team has had an amazing morning, and they have been flooded with potential orders. The bad news is that without your laptop, you can’t check and approve the contracts. If you delay, you could lose the orders. If you try and find a business centre, you will miss your flight.

The Solution – Mobile FileHold

Your organization was wise enough to buy FileHold as its document management software. Now all the team can use the robust features that make documents work for you. But when you are out of the office, you need a portable version of the program intended to run on your smart devices. Mobile FileHold lets you perform your critical tasks from a lightweight portal.

Mobile Accessible

Mobile FileHold runs from almost any HTML 5 compatible browser, so it can work with your Apple or Android products, whether they are a smartphone or tablet. Whether you use Safari or Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can use Mobile FileHold in your preferred browser environment and there is no app to update or clutter your screen.

Streamlined Document Access

Designed to run on a smaller screen, Mobile FileHold lets you perform most of the important functions needed for on-the-go document management. Files can be added or downloaded for access by your mobile device’s apps. You can preview documents and even print to wireless printers or PDF to make access and sharing easier.

Workflow Equipped

Mobile FileHold keeps your documents moving through your organizations workflow. The Mobile client lets you review and approve documents with ease. You can also launch your workflow templates from the document properties view so you can get procedures, policies, or other information to the right hands immediately. There is no reason to interrupt your organization’s critical processes because you are not at your desk.

Find Information Quickly

Mobile FileHold’s search feature lets you find the important data you need quickly. You can use complex searches saved from the full client application or simple searches for ad-hoc inquiries. This saves you time hunting for documents in the library which means you can use the compact screen of your mobile device and view your data when on the road.

Problem Solved

Your pending sales contracts arrive at your smartphone through the Mobile FileHold workflow approval window. You are able to review the contracts, comment on any changes needed, and approve so your team can secure the sales before your flight boards. No need to panic or rush, Mobile FileHold is ready to help you have a relaxing flight.

To see more about how Mobile FileHold can keep your documents working for you, contact [email protected].

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].