Business problem solved – FileHold document workflow and approval

Your document workflow can be managed and monitored by the same secure application software that organizes and controls your documents.

The Pain

Your project needs to make a badly needed purchase but your organization requires sign-offs from middle managers in multiple departments. Getting those signatures takes time and that may jeopardize your project.

The Solution – FileHold Workflow for Documents

FileHold’s workflow module streamlines your document approval processes with as much simplicity or complexity as you demand. Simply generate a PO request for approval, using a PDF or Word form; once complete, drag it into FileHold. Forms are FileHold’s specialty – as the form is added into the library, it can apply schema for classification, populate metadata from the form fields, and make the entire document searchable. The form has now been optimized for your records and stored securely.

Auto initiation of the workflow approval process

A predetermined workflow process can be applied automatically to any form or document when it is added into FileHold. When this process is typical, such as a Purchase Order, the workflow is immediately triggered to get your approval process moving. There is no chance of a process being missed or delayed without you being alerted.

Apply workflow to any document in FileHold

FileHold is both a document control system and a document workflow system. FileHold’s document management system allows you to store and organize any sort of file, so the workflow can be applied to any type of document or form.  You send supporting documents, drawings, or memos to the authorizer from the same workspace so gathering documents for approval is simplified. Triggering the workflow is only a right-click away.

FileHold automatically audits and reports on the workflow status

Workflow will email notices to those who need to approve, and send timely reminders (and re-reminders) if responses have not occurred. This is all done on your custom timeline. This helps prevent critical backlog of documents and saves you the hassle of having to remember to follow-up. Once approval is given, FileHold lets you know immediately. This also helps you track workflow over time, identifying gaps and choke-points to maximize efficiencies. FileHold keeps information moving at the speed you demand to keep your projects on track. 

Workflow tracks each step of the process, so you know who approved or rejected what and when. It can even ask for document approval by password, ensuring deliberate sign-off authorizations.  If a document goes out to multiple people, FileHold applies version control so only the correct document is being reviewed by the right people – no more notes being lost in the shuffle.

Customize document workflows for your needs

Does your purchasing need to be approved by one person, but there are several who can give that signature? Workflow can let any one of them sign off or all of them, if that is required. Does a purchase order need to move through multiple departments? Workflow can automate that process, so each approval passes along to the next person. Changes need to be made? The document can be noted for changes, and then resubmitted all with the same document management program.

Simple to set-up and easy to use

FileHold document workflow will streamline and optimize your document review and approval process. To learn more about FileHold and the document workflow feature, contact

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].