Business problem solved – FileHold document version control

Take the guess work out of finding current documents.

The Pain

Your organization wants to move to a paperless system and has been using the server to store your documents. Although everyone can access and edit the documents, you can’t tell which are the most current. You cross-examine the document properties to figure out which is the latest version. You have tried to get your colleagues to rename documents with version numbers, but they always seem to forget. Now, you have chaos in the folders and new version are clogging up your system.

The Solution – Version Control from FileHold

What separates a series of folders on your server from a world-class document management software like FileHold is how simple it is to keep documents organized. From the robust search engine that finds your documents when you need, to the workflow module for review and approval, FileHold makes it easy to find and use your documents. Versioning is a critical part of this formula – you need to be assured that the document you are looking at is the right one, not of a previous generation with out-of-date information.

Automatic Version Control

Once your document is added to your FileHold Library, it automatically becomes version 1. This means that should anyone else check that document out of the Library and make changes, it would be checked back in as version 2, and then version 3, etc. Alternatively, it could be checked in as a new and different document – but either way, the original is preserved. Even if a user accidentally changes a document, version control would protect your originals.

Easily Accessible History

If you need to retrieve a previous version of a document, all you need to do is click the document and open its version history. FileHold presents the document history in a simple chronological list to let the user see all the previous documents at a glance, along with information about when that version was created. These historic documents can be viewed or copied as needed to make sure your information can be retrieved. This information is also captured in the document use report feature.

Current Comes First

FileHold presents the most current version of the document automatically. This drastically reduces the visual noise and clutter of multiple versions, and ensures you can be confident you’re seeing the latest version. The powerful search function in FileHold crawls your documents to find words, phrases, or partial phrases in the full text, document information, and information tags to bring back critical results. Typically, the search excludes the previous document version and metadata information, but they too can be searched with simple checkboxes on the search page. Forgotten information can’t hide in FileHold.

More Security Options

Version control is just one way FileHold secures your documents. Assign different user roles to determine who in your organization can edit documents. Set notifications on your Library or documents to let you know when changes are made. Consult the extensive reporting tools to review all actions performed in FileHold. Keep your documents under control with FileHold DMS.

Problem Solved

Documents are kept in a logical, ordered structure. Whether searching for documents or flipping though the Library, you can be assured the most current documents are always displayed. Previous versions are preserved in the background for ease of retrieval if needed. Version control works automatically so you don’t have to worry. No more clogs, and calm has replaced the chaos.

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Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].