Business problem solved - FileHold Courier secure e-mail service

How to get your confidential and time sensitive documents transmitted, for review and approval, to clients, business partners, and customers outside of your organization.

The Pain

You emailed the document across town for your client to approve. Did they receive it? Did someone else read it? Did their IT department screen the attachment into the trash? Now, you get to spend your time on the phone to make sure – annoying your diligent clients and ignoring the rest.

The Solution – FileHold Courier

FileHold Courier lets you send files with ease to anyone with an email address. Unlike traditional attachments, Courier sends your documents via a password controlled link that allows the recipient to view and approve your documents. Contracts, invoices, inventories – whatever and whenever your business needs to send documents securely and safely, Courier is available.

Your documents stay secure.

Email attachments are convenient, but unmanageable. Once your document is sent as an attachment, it remains in your client’s email server – even if the document is no longer current. You rely on your client’s diligence for your documents security. Since Courier sends your client a secure link, you don’t need to take extra measures to make sure your documents are safe. You can control how long documents are available for, and cancel access if needed.

You know when documents have been received.

No need to call anyone. Courier lets you know when the client has opened, downloaded, and approved your document. It can even remind your client that they have documents pending.

Your client doesn’t need to be on the system.

Sending files through third-party Cloud-based services, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, or iCloud requires your clients to have accounts set-up with those services. Courier gives your clients access to your document on your server from any web browser. No additional software or apps required.

Document size is not an impediment.

Since Courier sends your client a link instead of an attachment, you can send documents of any size. No need to burden their email client.

Send critical documents efficiently.

Courier is built into your FileHold document management software, so there’s no need to print your document, call a delivery service, and fill out their paperwork, just to get it out the door. Your document is already in the system and sending it is just a matter of a few clicks. Not only is this easier on you, but it offers highly competitive cost savings over delivery services.

No geographic boundaries for your business.

Messenger services may be an in-town option, but over-night delivery for an envelope can be truly cost-prohibitive. With Courier, you can send your client everything they need to keep you working in seconds, anywhere they can receive emails. Client away on vacation? Out of town for a conference? Last minute crisis on a Sunday? If they can get an email, you can keep collaborating.

To learn more about how Courier can automate the process of transmitting documents and getting them approved, saving you time and money, contact [email protected].

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].