Business problem solved – FastFind search

Find the information you need at the touch of a key.

The Pain

You supervise at an accounting firm. Your company went paperless last year, and now have FileHold Document Management software working for you. Your back file of paper has been transformed into a searchable library of documents. Now, during your annual audit, you use FileHold to search for invoices but because you are also using QuickBooks, you must go back to FileHold and search for the invoice number to bring up the document. Since you’re doing this constantly during the audit, and are stuck with a single screen, there must be a more efficient way to this.

The Solution – FastFind Search

Storing documents is only half the challenge of a paperless office – retrieving them is what makes the system work. FileHold’s features already make sorting and filing documents simple. Between the intuitive Library Structure and user-defined metadata tags, documents are ready for the powerful dtSearch engine to find and sort your information to find exactly what you need when you need it. These same search capabilities are accessible to you through FastFind module.

Search from other programs

FastFind gives you FileHold’s search functionality within a third-party program. Because FastFind works with the FileHold Desktop Application (FDA) in Windows, any third-party installed application will be a candidate for FastFind integration. It saves the need to switch back and forth between your applications and FileHold to find documents. Whether you are working in a CAD program and need to find an engineering report, or needing to reference meeting notes in your day-planner, FastFind brings you the information you need.

Search in ways best for you

FastFind has quick keyboard commands to activate your search. You can do this in four different ways.

  • You can turn your mouse into a smart cursor and click the word, phrase, or number to search.
  • You can copy the term to the clipboard and execute the search from there.
  • You can select a phrase and initiate the search.
  • Utilize Optical Character Recognition and search by drawing a box around the text – even if you’re in a web browser, and the text is an image. The OCR will translate it into text and execute your search.

Simple or Refined Searches from a Template

Once you’ve brought your text over to FileHold for the search, you have more options to optimize your search. If you have a specific piece of information that’s likely buried in the text, you can use FileHold’s robust file and metadata search to go through the entire contents of FileHold to retrieve your information. Add additional filters if needed to refine the results or target the search to maximize efficient results. Draw from predefined, user-generated search templates to put regular multi-stage searches at your fingertips.

Business Problem Solved

As your auditors review your ledger, you can search for supporting AP or AR directly from QuickBooks, saving you effort (and billable hours). FastFind is one of the many small efficiencies that make your paperless office work for you. To learn more about FastFind and the other cost-saving features of FileHold DMS, contact

Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver brings his twenty years of experience in management in the entertainment industry to FileHold Systems as the Client Training and Retention Advocate. To learn more about how FileHold DMS can work for you, contact him at [email protected].