Business continuation during man-made and natural disasters

You cannot turn on the television news or open a newspaper without learning about recent natural disasters hitting our world. Floods, fire, landslides, hurricanes and earthquakes seem to becoming more and more frequent. Definitely something we need to think about and plan for both from a personal and a business perspective.

Last year I blogged about a hot water tank in the ceiling of our office bursting and flooding our accounting station and making the office nearly unusable for two weeks. Fortunately, because we diligently use FileHold to store our customer proposals, product roadmap plans, etc., we were able to keep on working with no loss of our intellectual property. FileHold software allowed our team to work remotely but still securely and access our important working documents. We were able to continue normal operations until the flood mitigation work was completed.

Like all business leaders I constantly think about the importance of keeping our company ready to operate and be able to support our customers in the face of nearly any man made or natural disaster. We occasionally hear from our customers who have faced similar problems so I wanted to share two of their stories.

Houston Technology Consulting Company - “I hope you understand my caution here. We have had two of these catastrophic flood events in the past 18 years, so guaranteeing we have a copy of the databases and repository is by no means a certainty. We acted prudently prior to the storm this time and still had significant reliability issues with the server. The system was able to be restored to a new physical device and the records were intact.”

California Insurance Services Provider - “We have been dealing with some pretty scary wildfires down here in southern California over the past week. Our building was closed for a day and many employees have been evacuated from surrounding areas. There has been a lot of disruption to our staff to say the least. The one thing that has been easy though has been deploying remote access to employees so they can work from a home computer or from one of the temporary work trailers. Once logged in they are working right out of FileHold and the process has not missed a beat. Just wanted to share a story of how FileHold has been amazing to have while working through this disaster and to let you know we are all safe here.”

We appreciate hearing from our customers about how FileHold has helped them through their potential disasters. Of course FileHold software helps organizations in many other ways to be compliant through their business audits and to automate document workflow processes that ensure document approval accuracy.

If you would like to learn more about how FileHold software can protect your Intellectual Property contact [email protected].

Larry Oliver

Larry Oliver is the founder and President of FileHold software. He can be contacted at [email protected].