So you would like to trial FileHold software…

Friday, July 14, 2017

So you would like to trial FileHold Software - Trial it like you own it

FileHold would like you to trial our software as we and we want to ensure that you have a successful trial that leads to solving the business problem you are dealing with. By doing the trial correctly we both win; you do not waste time, you learn our software completely, we focus on your business problem, and the trial install will be so successful that it can turn into your production system.

FileHold is enterprise-grade software. It is easy for casual end-users to figure out how to add documents, check out documents, search for documents and other common end user functions. However; as a person managing the software trial you are going to assume the role of librarian or administrator which is much more complex. You will need to set up the system so that it complies with complex records and compliance standards but at the same time be easy to use and understandable to your end user community. To set up the software correctly, you need to have some exposure and experience with topics like file hierarchies, document schemas or types, metadata, complex search and user rights that ensures security and gives everyone the access they need to the documents. Unless you have worked with this kind of software before or have access to a records management certified expert, you may struggle taking a trial-and-error approach to learning these concepts. It becomes even more complex if you want to set up workflows for document review and approval, or create rules and procedures for records retention and disposition schedules; all possibly tasks that you have never done before.

FileHold wants to help you. We are more than happy to contribute a couple of hours of Professional Services at no charge to assist in navigating your initial setup and installation. To give you the free, no obligation assistance there are some steps we propose to follow:

  1. The trial process starts with your sales consultant showing you how FileHold works, discussing your business problem, providing the system requirements, and clarifying the eventual investment expectations.
  2. With your agreement, this is followed with a brief, FileHold managed, project kickoff with your team where IT requirements and business objectives are reviewed and the correct licensing configuration for the trial is determined.
  3. Following the project kickoff, our support team will send you the server preparation guide and wait for you to prepare your server. When it is ready we will send a “server checker” tool that will inspect and validate the correct preparation.
  4. When the server is verified as correct, we will send you the trial software download. If the server has not been prepared according to instructions, we will identify the deficiency and help with correction. FileHold has a 2-hour installation guarantee.
  5. Once the software is installed, one of our support professionals can validate that the installation has been done correctly. We recommend that you configure a backup system in order to protect your valuable documents.
  6. Now that the software is correctly installed, training is available. Training is not required but is highly recommended for a successful trial installation. While FileHold is not a difficult application to use, there are several benefits and you can learn all the features of the system.
  7. The software trial is now in your hands to review and evaluate. The FileHold sales, technical and training teams are standing by to give any help that might be needed to understand the basic concepts and structures of FileHold. In addition, FileHold provides online help, video tours, and a knowledge base to help answer any questions you may have.

Additional Professional Services

You may wish to go further in your evaluation and set up a secure, accessible hierarchy that could be easily moved into a production environment at the end of the trial period. This is the objective FileHold has and the objective that your company may have. This will save you time and money and lead to a highly successful implementation of your paperless office.

FileHold offers a range of Profession Services based on our hourly billable rate, these include:

  • Consulting services in setting up the library hierarchy and interrelationships between user groups and documents schemas.
  • Additional training for administrators, end users, and users who will be scanning documents into the system.
  • Configure complex document scanning tasks such as capturing accounts payable invoices and automatically ensuring the details on the invoice become metadata associated with that document.
  • Complex activities such as exporting documents from a current file share or other storage system such as SharePoint into FileHold. FileHold has years of experience doing those kind of migrations.
  • Configuring document workflows, forms automation, secure email services, use of our API, etc.

You may not worry about the more complex activities during the initial trial but you can be assured that once you have proven that FileHold user interface is friendly and the features meet all of your requirements, there is no doubt it will be a successful.

Best of luck with your trial. The FileHold team is here to make it successful.

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Larry Oliver, President of FileHold Systems Larry Oliver is the founder and President of FileHold software.