FileHold Blog reader "Digital Racer"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blogger.com anonymous user "Digital Racer" had some feedback about this blog article - I am quoting 100% of the comment. I added the brackets to clarify the post it was referring to, and am also linking this post to the original article that prompted this feedback from Digital Racer.

Digital Racer said: "This (code snippet blog post) would be more useful if you had actual working code instead of a bunch of half a** comments"

Dear Digital Racer: Thank you for the comment! The short blog article with the code snippet was actually posted by request as it is a very popular topic with our customers. It was posted to help other FileHold customers who might have the same question when they first start using the FileHold product and has helped many developers.

It is just a code snippet, yes, that is certainly true. Code snippets are samples to get ideas flowing, but you would need to check the full API's to get the specifics and ask us questions to fill in the gaps of what you are trying to do. It would be nice to have a book about the API, but that will come too. We are a small, hardworking company that believes in honesty and enjoys helping customers solve complex document and record management problems.

Our customers take a bit of time to look through our online documentation, the source code of our sample C# application and then asked us specific questions to get information on how to do things. This is a common process when new customers come on board. Every few days this happens.

The FileHold.com web site is very large, and filled with a rich array of information about the Document Management product. Many software companies lack any specifics of any kind other than a way to contact their sales department and usually have a lot of links to various PDF articles. There are nearly 700 pages on the FileHold.com web site with our always improving online documentation. Right now we are in a big push to update the documentation for our new release, FileHold 8.5. By the end of the year we should have a lot more information on our already information rich site, as we strongly believe in being open about what FileHold can do for organizations and companies around the world.

Many customers comment on what a resource of information we provide and how easy we are to work with. Our feeling is that people should be free to learn as much as they can about the product before they contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales team for a demo, quotation or answers to implementation questions.

If you could take the time to actually say what you are trying to do with the FileHold API - I would be more than happy to post your questions and answer with specifics. That way we could help other people as well by helping you. I would truly appreciate that.

I should also mention that the FileHold API is what we use to build the FileHold document management product, it was not added to an afterthought. It comes free with every server product.

Here are some online resources to get you started:

There is the online help documentation:

A brief overview of the 5 web services that comprise the FileHold API.

An overview of the security model:

Then there is our sample C# application with source code.

An overview of FileHold auto-filing with sample code

Hopefully this will give you a bit more information and I will feedback to the team that you would like to see more details. Thanks again for taking the time to comment - it is appreciated.