Guest User Account and Security role in DMS

Friday, May 23, 2008

In FileHold Document Management's overview of system security there are all the standard users. It is also possible to use a guest user account to solve very specific types of business problems.

The functionality available to Guest users are the same as the Read-Only users but more limited. Below are the functionality which Guest users can or cannot perform:

- No ability to add a document as they are a type of read only user - they can only get copies of documents that other people add.
- Can view the Metadata & File Properties of a document in the cabinet / folder where the user has access.
- Can view a document's History of Changes (Edits to Metadata & Usage of File).
- Can perform searches but cannot create smart folders and saved searches.
- Can 'Get a Copy' but cannot check-out document(s).
- Can 'Email' FileHold documents.
- Cannot edit the Metadata of a document.
- Cannot create links between documents but can view the linked documents made by other users.
- Cannot move or copy document(s) to another library location.
- Cannot delete document(s).
- Cannot add documents to Document Tray.
- Cannot create or add Virtual folder.
- Can view the Properties of the Library objects in read-only mode.
- No access to My FileHold and its sub nodes including My Favorites, Checked Out Documents, Document Alerts, Document Reminders, Recently Accessed and Recently Added.
- No access to View Preferences including My Alert Preferences and My User Preferences.
- Cannot be a participant or an observer of a Workflow activity.
- Does not have access to Reviews & Approvals and its subnodes including My Workflow Tasks and Status Report generated by the FileHold Workflow engine.
- Can be assigned a Brava Viewer License.