Backing up Document Management Software

Thursday, April 17, 2008

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In today's post I wanted to put some focus on backup procedures PDF document that is available to any customer and is provided with our product materials and installation applications. Today's blog post is only to highlight the scope of backing up FileHold. It is not meant to replace the document itself. As always, test your backups and simulate disaster on a regular basis. The sales team at FileHold can sell a backup/test server license of FileHold to help you with your disaster planning efforts.

Items to back up in FileHold:

1) Document Repository storage folder structure
- Daily is recommended
Example: D:\DocumentRepository

2) Full Text Search folder structure
Example: D:\FullTextSearch\DTSIndex
- Daily backup is recommended

3) Backing up ADAM Repository
- Using the NTBackup/backup tool supplied in Windows Server 2003 you will want to backup the entire Microsoft ADAM folder structure - typically at C:\Program Files\Microsoft ADAM\FHURM\data
- Daily backup is recommended
- ADAM contains the users and group objects of your system
- ADAM can also contain Active Directory information if you are using Active Directory user/group synchronization which is optional.
- Microsoft wrote an interesting case study of our implementation of MS ADAM in FileHoldThis link opens up a Word document from the Microsoft site.

4) Backing up FileHold web application folder structure:
- A periodic backup of the ...inetpub/wwwroot/FH/FileHold web folder structure
- backing this up a few times a year is suggested.

5) FileHold Databases
- Finally - we recommend nightly backups of the 5 FileHold databases that start with ch_



Summary of document management software back up

- We recommend that you do these backups at the same time - usually scheduling on a Saturday night or something is the best idea.

- We recommend that you stop the FH App Pool or web server services - this can all be done with Scheduler on the server to automate this. More on this topic is covered in the FileHold backup and recovery procedures document we provide.

- Obviously, there are more advanced ways of backing up a document management system like FileHold.

- There are server imaging products like Acronis True Image.

- Many of our customers use virtualization products like VMWare Corporation's virtual server technology to run FileHold and to simplify disaster recovery.

Let us know if you have any questions by commenting on this blog post or logging into the support system if you are a FileHold customer and opening up a help ticket.


Cameron Siguenza

VP Services

FileHold Systems Inc.