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Posted date: 2021-08-25

Inefficient business practices are almost impossible to change once entrenched in organizational thinking. Sometimes, it’s the small ones that are the most difficult to change. FileHold has helped companies go paperless, replaced physical sign-offs with digital approval processes, and changed the way people find information. Those are easy changes once the company sees how they transform the day-to-day operations and the efficiencies gained. One of the most persistent inefficiencies is tiny: the subfolder.


Posted date: 2021-07-26

So, you are doing some custom reporting and you need the archive date for a document. FileHold does not maintain an archive date directly in the document table, but it does have a field to indicate if the document is in the archive (IsArchive).

Posted date: 2021-04-09

Often, data lookup requirements for metadata values are simple. There is a single key value the user provides that can be used to find all other values. This is the easiest schema lookup to configure and requires minimal or no knowledge of database programming. When used with a key that is a dropdown menu where that dropdown menu is configured with search fields, the single key value can turn into up-to five key ways of completing the lookup.

Posted date: 2021-03-22

FileHold contains a robust document control numbering system. It guarantees to give a document a unique number regardless of how or where it is added to the system. It is composed of a both a prefix and number. The number can be automatically or manually generated. It is efficient and effective, but it does not contain any more intelligence than the prefix.

Posted date: 2021-01-29

The standard features of FileHold offer incredible value and allow organizations to do things they might not have even considered so we present a FileHold Feature FAQ. Today, let’s talk about Document Control Numbers!

What is a document control number?


Posted date: 2020-10-01

For the last 14 years, FileHold software has been sold as a perpetual license with an optional ongoing support agreement. This allowed customers to buy FileHold and have a relatively low total cost of ownership (TCO) over the years. They also have the choice on whether to purchase support and upgrades or not. We have customers who purchased our licensing and have used the software for up to 10 years without a support agreement (testimony to how bullet proof the software is). Their TCO has been very low.

Posted date: 2020-09-21

For many years FileHold has provided an adaptable and flexible workflow feature that can be used in a wide number of use cases; from approving design documents to driving insurance underwriting processes.

Starting with version 16.2 we have introduced an optional add-on that provides some of the most requested automation features. Functions are available to automatically choose the workflow template to start, set the workflow observers, add supporting documents and select the users and groups that will complete the workflow tasks.

Posted date: 2020-05-06

Step 1 – Buy FileHold Cloud or upgrade your on-premise system to FileHold Cloud.

Step 2 – Log in from home; you’re done!

Okay, that seemed a bit too easy, but what if you do not want to use FileHold Cloud for some reason and you will stick with your self-hosted solution?

The good news is that the FileHold DMS has been internet enabled from day one, fifteen years ago. Whether you prefer the browser or desktop client or you want to use it from your phone, we have always been internet ready.

Posted date: 2020-04-30

The push to move away from paper and into a digital workspace has never been more vital than now, as organizations need to work remotely for the safety of their teams without disrupting their day-to-day operations. FileHold has been a leader in helping these companies with a centralized, organized repository to replace paper documents with easy-to-use software that can control, locate, and secure documents. FileHold recently announced its newest offering, FileHold Cloud, which offers document management hosted in the Azure environment.

Posted date: 2020-06-23

It has been a while since I last provided a product version update even though we have seen 16.1, 16.1.1 and now 16.2 so it is about time.

Minor releases are generally about incrementally building on the last major release, but that does not mean that the new features are minor in capability or scope and there are some big ones since my last update.