FileHold Video Tours

The fast track to the "paperless office".  It is easy to evaluate the document management software by viewing the following video tours.

These educational videos are designed to help quickly understand the benefits document management software delivers when managing documents and records. These videos provide excellent training material for people who want to learn about specific functions of the software system.

Some of the audio visual product tours require the Flash plug-in to view. To download the flash player go to the Macromedia site.



The Friendly Software Interface (3:59)

An overview of the document software Desktop Application and the intuitive library structure that makes it easy for any users to navigate.

Filing Documents in the Software (7:57)

Learn the several methods of how files are easily moved into the document management system.

My FileHold (4:35)

Learn about an area of the system called "My FileHold" where you manage your documents. My FileHold is limited to your own personal view of your favourites, the documents you have checked out, alerts, reminders, and recently accessed and added.


Search (12:35)

Searching for documents in the system is very simple and intuitive. Never lose track of a document again with an always available “Google” like search toolbar or advanced searches for power users which doubles as a reporting tool.

Microsoft Office Integration (2:19)

This video focuses on how users can interact with the software library from within their favorite Microsoft Office applications. This video assumes  familiarity with the basic features of the software covered in the document management essentials video. Topics include browsing for, searching for, reviewing and approving documents stored in  the file system from within Office applications.

Document Linking (1:59)

Learn how documents can be easily linked together from different locations in the library allowing users to quickly see a listing of all documents linked to the master file with minimal clicks.

Virtual Folders (2:06)

Learn how Virtual folders are created to organize documents from various places in the document management system into one area for viewing and access. A virtual folder does not contain the actual document but holds a pointer back to the document.

File Properties Extraction (5:32)

The file properties of a file can be automatically extracted into metadata fields for a defined schema when an extraction rule for that file type is configured. Since all file types have file properties, you can extract metadata from any type of file.

Email Extraction Rule (5:31)

Automating the capture of email metadata allows users to easily store, search, and archive important emails. The system can automatically capture metadata from emails that are added to FileHold from Microsoft Outlook.


Document Management System Library Administration

Document Library Administration (15:52)

This video provides covers the essential software features for managing corporate document libraries. Topics covered include, managing the library filing environment, setting metadata classification standard for documents, setting record retention policies, setting document naming standards, mass importation of legacy documents and document usage logging.

Document Management System Administration

System Administration (10:46)

This video provides covers the essential features for administering the document management software application. Topics covered include; system components and requirements overview, client and server deployment, options for synchronization of users with directory servers (with a focus on Active Directory) and user roles and permissions.

Document Management Scanning Overview

Document Scanning Overview (5:09)

Our out-of-the-box document scanning solution provides a comprehensive solution for the scanning, classification, storage and retrieval of paper documents. This overview video covers all of the essential scanning and filing features provided.

Document Management Scanning

Document Solution Scanning Feature Focus (3:50)

This presentation provides a detailed review of the features of  the document scanning solution (powered by EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro scanning software). Scanning features include image enhancement, full text OCR, batch scanning, barcode recognition capabilities and much, much more. Scanning software is compatible with over 300 scanners and is designed for same day implementation with pre-configured profiles so users are up and running in as little as one day.
This video is provided courtesy of EMC Captiva.

Document Management Workflow

Document Workflow and Approval (19:40)

This video provides covers the document review and approval workflow features in the document management software. The presentation starts by providing a general overview of workflows, user roles, review and approval activities and workflow templates. The presentation then moves to a live product demonstration covering in detail workflow initiation, routing and task notifications, tasks list management, task delegation, workflow status reporting, workflow instance management, workflow template creation. It closes with a review of the underlying workflow engine technology and API.

Accounts Payable Webinar with FileHold Document Management Software and ABBYY Scanning Software (49:23)

With FileHold software and ABBYY scanning software, invoices never need to be printed or copied. Documents are no longer misfiled and are stored securely in a centralized location where they are easily searchable. Workflows can be developed for review and approval to ensure accounts payable documents are processed accurately and completed on time.

With AP document scanning, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and receiving information, cancelled checks, and correspondence can be can be turned into an electronic file. Customer problems can be solved faster because critical information is available instantly in FileHold document management software.

Webinar Replay (53:24)

This video is a replay of one of the live public webinars FileHold presents. The purpose of this video is to give a very brief overview of the commonly used features and functions of the software. This video forms a great starting point to learn more about a document filing system. Any questions about the specific features of the document management software are welcome at

FileHold Document Management Software Marketing Video (2:11)

This video talks about the problems many companies have - getting rid of paper! Learn how you can go paperless with FileHold software.


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