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Studies find that 35-50% of company information is not centrally indexed nor is it searchable. Other surveys put this figure at as high as 80%". - IDC White Paper. 

Document scanning software for the paperless office eliminates mountains of paper converting it to secure, manageable electronic form.  Making information organized, searchable and usable from anywhere in the world saves organizations time and money.

It's here! Scan to the Cloud with WebCap

With FileHold WebCap, remote users can scan and store documents into the document management repository from anywhere they have access to the internet. Read more about FileHold WebCap.

Other Supported Document Scanning Software Solutions

The following Document Scanning Software products, as well as others, are supported by a certified connector - the FileScan Bridge:

Out of the Box Document Scanning Software Solution

The document management software ships with easy to use, document scanning software that delivers the paperless office. A connector is provided that supports virtually any document scanner and can turn cabinets, full of paper into a secure, version controlled and compliant electronic library.

The connector, called the FileScan Bridge is a no charge included interface from the document management software to support document scanners that are standing alone or are multi function (MFC) machines on the network. The bridge supports the document scanning software and hardware independence that customers are looking for. There is never a need to purchase new scanners or scanning software when implementing the document scanning system.

The FileScan Bridge keeps paper flowing from the document scanner into the document management software by constantly monitoring for new scanned documents, automatically tagging scanned documents and automatically sending these documents to a destination in the software. The FileScan Bridge can be configured to handle different types of document batches such as scanned invoices, purchase orders or checks differently. 

The document scanning software solution provides robust error logging and tracking of all scanned documents ensure fail safe delivery of documents from scanning stations to the Library. 

Distributed Document Scanning Software Environment

The document management software supports a distributed document scanning environment that can occur from scan stations located anywhere in the world. Scanned documents can be sent from FileScan Bridge at the scan station to the document management software without a need for being on the same network, domain, office, LAN or WAN. The FileScan Bridge is designed for the safe, reliable, simultaneous transfer of very large files to the document archives.


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