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FileHold Releases New Features and Receives High Rating Review from GetApp

FileHold document management software has received a high overall score of 8 out of 10 from GetApp!

GetApp, an independent marketplace that helps businesses discover, compare, review and purchase business applications, today announced it has awarded a high rating to FileHold, a document management software solution for organizations of any size.

FileHold achieved the following ratings:

Overall: 8/10
Ease of Use: 4/5
Features: 4/5
Value: 4/5

Needless to say, we are very pleased with this review. How would you score FileHold? Send us an email at and let us know! We are always happy to hear from our customers.

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FileHold 2013 Partner of the Year Announced!

Congratulations EA-Strategy!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate EA-Strategy for their achievement of the partner of the year 2013!  I would also like to thank all of our global partners for their wonderful work in 2013.  Everyone here at FileHold head office really appreciate your hardwork and we certainly look forward to an even more prosperous 2014!

- Kevin Chang, Partner Program Manager

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FileHold Review: Tools for a Paperless Office

GetApp has done a review on how to become paperless with the right document management software - FileHold! FileHold provides an easy-to-use document management software that integrates with many of the applications businesses use each day. This FileHold review will look at the application’s basic functionality and recently added features to help businesses determine if it will help them reduce the amount of paper they output each year.

FileHold has a 4.5 star rating on GetApp!

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How to Permanently Delete Sensitive Files and Data

We recently had a customer inquiry on how confidential and sensitive documents can be permanently deleted — and not just from FileHold but also from any backups.

FileHold deletes files in a two stage process. The first stage is a "soft" deletion phase where documents can still be recovered by a library administrator. FileHold holds the documents that are in the soft deletion phase in the "Recover Documents" area which is similar to a recycle bin. From here, documents can be recovered and moved back into the document repository. The second stage is a "hard deletion" phase where documents are permanently removed from the system. However, the...

It's here! FileHold 14 Release is a go!

After almost 2 years of development FileHold’14 is officially released!

It has been a long journey and a lot of hard work by all members of the Development Team and the QA Team. Thank you all for your great effort!

FileHold’14 is a substantial release with an abundance of new features and new functionality such as  greatly enhanced workflow capabilities, WebCap, server side OCR, server side document importation and our first Mobile FileHold client to name a few. All latest Microsoft platforms are supported including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2012. This new release will help us to increase our market reach and deliver even better solution to solve our customers’ business problems. 

Thank you Team for the job well...

Atalasoft Case Study on Making the Paperless Office a Reality

Atalasoft has published a case study on FileHold and their our new web scanning feature, WebCap.

An excerpt from the article:

"Larry Oliver, the President of FileHold, said, “When FileHold began developing WebCap, our professional services team conducted a thorough assessment of multiple products that would deliver the browser-based scanning capability that our customers were looking for. After a review, we determined that Atalasoft’s DotImage with its feature-rich API in a .Net environment was exactly what we needed.  We found the Atalasoft team to be very supportive of our technical needs through the development process.”

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Catch a sneak peak of the new Mobile FileHold!

Mobile FileHold is coming! It will be released in the next version of the document management software. We are pretty psyched about this new "app". It's not technically an "app" but it's like an app. It runs on Safari on your iPhone 5 and Chrome on your Samsung Ace II devices. However, Mobile FileHold is HTML 5 based so many other types of devices may work correctly even if they are not officially supported.

Using Mobile FileHold is so easy, even a child could use it. Add files, complete your review and approval tasks, search and view documents — while you're on the go, wherever you may be! Watch our short sneak peak video to see how easy Mobile FileHold is...

Interview with FileHold's President

Learn more about FileHold document management software:  the company, its clients, business philosophy and more in the following interview conducted by GetApp with FileHold’s president,  Larry Oliver.   

FileHold WebCap is Now Released!

It's here! FileHold WebCap is the new optional feature that allows you to scan into the document management repository from anywhere you have internet access and a scanner without the need of scanning software. All that is required is a scanner, a TWAIN scanner driver and the browser plug-in. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers are all supported.

This feature is useful for organizations that have mobile workers who need to scan documents on the go such as contracts, bill of sales, expenses, or work estimates into the document management system. It is especially powerful for companies who want these documents to go into a workflow to automate review and approval processes after they have been scanned.

WebCap has a simple, clean, easy to use interface....

FileHold Document Management Software Spanish Version Released

The Spanish language pack for FileHold document management software is now released! To help support our customers who speak Spanish, the Spanish Language pack is fully supported and marketed by FileHold and comes as a standard no charge feature.

FileHold document management software can be translated into any language. To date, the document management system has been translated into Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Indonesian, and now Spanish. The end user interfaces such as the Web Client, the FileHold Desktop Application, and the Microsoft Office integration client, can all be translated using a suite of tools to support our world-wide customer base.

To learn more about the localization process, read Language Localization...

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